Basic Electronic Tools

Adjustable 16-30W soldering iron

Xytronics Model 258

Elexp 0605258


these are great quality with interchangeable tips

Third hand

Elexp 060834 $2.95

These are really helpful.......

60/40 Lead Solder, rosin core .031” 1/2 lb

Kester 60/40 1lb

Elexp 060701 $2.75

This is a good general purpose solder. Also look into getting 63/37 solder. Getting a 1 lb roll is only $0.75 more so consider it if you plan on doing a bunch of soldering!

Don't buy silver solder (yet) or lead-free solder. You will have a lot of difficulty using it and its not 'less dangerous'

Solder sucker / Desolder pump

Elexp 060820 $2

Extremely useful for when you make mistakes or bridge pins!
Shear cutters

Cooper Tools "Xcelite" 170M

Elexp 0602MS01

Essential, these are fairly inexpensive and high quality.

Don't ever use these to cut anything but copper wire (electronic leads). Steel wire, or aluminum will basically destroy them instantaneously!

Basic Multimeter


Elexp 01DMMAS830 $10.95

This meter is pretty much your basic meter, comes with transistor testing slots! A good value.

Needle-nose pliers

Generic brand

Elexp 0602NNP1 $1.75

Any needlenose pliers will do. Check around the house, most people have one already for basic repairs.

Electronics ones tend to be smaller.

Wire strippers

Elexp 0602HT5023 $7.95

These are great wire strippers, good for 20 to 30 gauge wire (tiny!)
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