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Cellular Theatre is a compilation of cell phone videos that were made and submitted for a public showing at Franklin's VDC Copy Center in Columbus, OH. The showing was part of an event, Make Art Accessible, where a public interaction was created through intimate discussions about free internet technologies and accessible resources.



This video is a time-lapse documentation of the construction and installation of a Backdrop, a spacial installation and painting by the artist Gaylen Gerber.



The classic story of Hans in Luck re-told with a modern flare. This video was recorded in 2002 in Gainesville, FL.



Lapse is a time-lapse video that documents the construction process of the large helium balloon structure for Lift. This video was recorded at a rate of one second every minute, and then sped up and compressed.



Lift was a public art event that explored potential and possibility, and specifically pursued the dream to fly. My interest in this project is mainly about freedom, the current nature of the American market economy, and how people choose to spend their time and money.3500 cubic feet of Helium were pumped into this light, plastic, fabric structure which allowed participants to float freely above the earth. The balloon dimensions were roughly 30' x 16' x 16', and with a slight kick off of the ground, people were able to float up 30-40 feet.



These two sculptures were part of the show Of The Horizon, and were small models that demonstrated what a participant might experience of Lift. Each balloon was a scale model of the full size balloon and used microcontrollers and electronics to bounce, float, and autonomously roam the space.



Cryptic Animi is a series of five kinetic sculptures that slowly open and close once a minute. The idea for this sculpture began with a personal narrative about inspiration and creative energy, and was influenced by dreams and images that represent the concepts in my mind. Cryptic Animi means mysterious spirits, or mysterious energy and relates to the cycles of creative energy that I sometimes experience as an artist. Layered shells surround inner forms that are taken from dreams and memories. The piece as a whole is in constant flux, the form is always changing. Some parts are revealed while others become hidden. Cryptic Animi was purchased in 2003 by Beth Deutch and Larry Rubin of HerSpace Breast Imaging, and is on permanent display in West Long Branch, New Jersey.



Cryptic Animi II is a revisiting of the original sculpture with a few modifications. For this installation I decided to mount the motor on the front side of the wall, so that all of the inner-workings are exposed. Each of the forms are made of bamboo and carved mahogany. Cryptic Animi II is currently on display at Riverwatch Gallery in Columbus, OH.



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